The Best Breakfast and Lunch in The Hague, Netherlands

| November 10, 2017 8:48 am

I recently came back from a trip to The Netherlands and while I love the country, the food (especially breakfast) doesn’t always suit me.   After spending a few days in The Hague, I was really craving bacon, eggs and toast.  I had been out for a walk when I ran across a place called Palmette.   The dish I ordered came with eggs and bacon stacked on a large slab of sourdough bread garnished with arugula.   The blend of bitter, sour, salty complemented with a sweetened coffee really lifted my spirits for the day.  It had been the best breakfast I had while in The Netherlands.

Later in the day, I stopped by at a restaurant named Zebedeus which is attached to an old church.   The menu features a wide range of dishes but curiosity got the better of me and I ordered a burger.  I did not intend on ordering a burger but was intrigued by palmesteyn beef which I had not tried before.  The hamburger (beef) was amazing and I will definitely return to this restaurant next time I am in The Hague – it is officially my favorite restaurant in The Hague.   Don’t forget to add the award winning “39 Bloedbroeder” beer to your meal!



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