New York, NY – Day 3

| June 18, 2011 4:50 pm

After a late start this morning, we split into two groups.  I headed over to Canal Street for the infamous cheap knock offs and to buy a suitcase for all the stuff we bought since we were out of capacity.

I managed to pick up a small suitcase for $15 after haggling with the chinese lady about the recession.   I then ended up haggling with some Indian woman about the recession and got some concessions on some NY t-shirts.   Finally, some Nigerian (maybe Ghanan) convinced me to overpay for a knock off Rolex that was a cheap as a dime store watch but hey…they all got families to feed in this recession and I didn’t feel bad about it since at least they’re working for their money.

Meanwhile….   the kids and Marge went over to the Empire State building.

We’ve taken in a whole lot of New York so far: broadway show, shopping, monuments and more!  But unfortunately, I hurt my back boarding one of the Gray Line Buses so tomorrow, I won’t be joining the kids for The Lion King.  I’ll be heading to the Spa to get a massage and fix my twisted muscles in my lower back.

While I was interned at the hotel bed tonight, the kids and Marge went shopping in the Times Square area.  They came back with buckets of candy from the M&M store and a few momentous from the trip.

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vany wrote a comment on June 19, 2011

You guys are all new yorkedd out! 🙂 hope your back feels better! The kids look super cute 🙂